East Azarbaijan

     This province is called after Aturpat the Governor (the one whom fire guards him ) , he declared his independence during Alexander the Greatís attack to Iran (328 B.C.) so he ruled over this land (small Medes) in southwest of the country which became Iran later. The history of Azerbayejan began from the independence of Aturpat and during 23 centuries. has passed through different political stages, and whenever a powerful government ruled over the central part, Azerbayejan became dependent on that government. Azarbayejan-e-Sharqi Province with an area of 67,101 sq. Kms. and a population of 4,726,648(1992), is counted as one of the most important provinces in the country from commercial , industrial and agricultural points of view.




The slopes of Sahand

Shahidi mosque

Mehr Abad Mosque

Khooni Mosque

Khaleh Oghli Mosque

Jame Mosque

Hojjat-ul-Islam Mosque

Alter of Jame Mosque

Alchaq Mosque



Nature of Tabriz


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