West Azarbaijan


     This Province is located in north west of Iran and has borders with Iraq, Turkey and the former U.S.S.R. The largest lake in Iran is Orumiyeh (formerly Rezaiyeh) which has divided Azarbayejan into two eastern and western parts. This lake is protected as a national park and is the most important residence of immigrant birds and enjoys an unparalleled beauty and variety in Asia. By the arrival of Turk tribes to Azarbayejan especially from the Saljuq period, Turkish dialect became habitual in this area as the colloquial language.

     Western Azarbayejan (Gharbi) Province with an area of 37,588 sq. Kms. and a population of 2,329,315(1992), is counted as one of the most important provinces in the country from agriculture and economic point of view.


Orumyeh lake

     Orumyeh Lake, with its wonderful and famous islands like Ghoyoon-Daghi (kaboodan), Arezoo, Ashk-Daghi and Espir, having beautiful natural views as well as its water and and sludge therapy virtues, is amongst the tourism attractions of Azarbaijan. The cities like Golmankhaneh, Sefid-Gonbad, and Rahmanloo, located on the coasts of Orumyeh Lake, are equipped with anchorage and accommodation facilities as well.

Takht e Soleyman

Moshte Osman



Kakhe Baghche Jogh

Emarate Baghche Jogh


Kakhe Baghche Jogh

Kakhe Baghche Jogh

Shams-e Tabrizi Tower

Shohada Valley

Oroumiye Bazaar

Apple Tree

Na-Ne Maryam

Takht-e Soleyman

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