Covering an area of 1648000 square kilometers, Islamic republic of Iran is a wide country located in southwest of Asia neighboring the caspian sea, Turkymenistan, Azarbaijan and Armenia in the north ; Afghanestan and Pakistan in the east; and Turkey and Iraq in the west . All southern borders of the country ends to the shores of the persian gulf and sea of Omman . Total terrestrial borders of the country are 5,170 km . and total water borders in the north and south are 2,510 km .


Iran is situated in the heart of the middle East and, as a bridge, link the Caspian sea, the most beautiful land-locked and the largest body of water in the world, to the Persian Gulf, and also, it is a crossroads on the way of East to West, i.e. the junction of cultural, intellectul and political manifestations of the world of East and West.

Limpid water springs, pomegranate orchards, pistachio gardens, of lombardy poplars, decampment of nomads in different seasons, stelliferous nights, rock, mountains, endlees high and low land, snow-clad extinct volcanoes, luxuriant forests of Alborz mountain range, and coastlines of the Caspain sea are amongst the eye-catching and memorable landscapes of Iran's nature which leave unique memoirs in the mind of tourists.