takhte Jamshid

History of Iran is the history of ups and downs and along the history, so many empires and dynasties have governed over this country of which the most important are:

-Achaemenians                               533-330 BC 

-Solookia                                         330-247 BC

-Parthian                                         247 BC -224 AD

-Sassanians                                     224-651 AD

-Attack of Arabs against Iran        645 AD

-Omavian and Abbasian                 749-932 AD

-Saffarian                                        866-903 AD

-Samanian                                       819-999 AD

-A'l-e- Bouyeh                                 945-1055 AD

Ghaznavian                                     977-1186 AD

-Saljooghyan                                   1038-1194 AD

-Kharazmshahian                            1077-1231 AD

-Attack of mongols to Iran             1220 AD

Ilkhanian                                         1256-1353 AD

-Mozaffarian                                   1314-1393 AD

-Taymoorian                                    1370-1506 AD

-Turkamanan                                   1380-1468 AD

-Safavian (Safavid)                          1501-1732 AD

-Afsharian                                        1734-1796 AD

-Zandian                                           1750-1794 AD

-Ghajarieh                                        1779-1924 AD

-Pahlavi                                            1924-1979 AD

-Islamic Revolution                         1979 AD


The historical battlefields of Iran, especially religious battlefields, have their own attractions for pilgrims and tourists and attract foreign tourists to Iran for visiting these fields. As an example it can be pointed out to the battlefield against Mongols in Nayshabour, Chaldoran battlefield against Ottoman Empire, and finally Iran-Iraq battlefields in Khoramshahr, Bostan, and Hovayzeh which have especial attractions for some tourists.