The high elevation of plateau of Iran from the sea level and situating of the provinces on the altitudes more than 1,ooo m.., is another important geographic feature of this land. The magnificent and high Alborz mountain chain in, which extend from Khorasan to Baluchistan in the east have surrounded the plateau of Iran .The most important summits of Iran are :Damavand with the altitude of 5,671 east-north of Tehran; Sabalan with the altitude of 3,820 m. in the center of Mazandaran;Zardkooh whit the altitude of 4,550 m. in Bakhtiari;Dena with the altitude of 4,309 m. in the north of Yasouj;Taftan with the altitude of 3,941 m. in the south of Zahedan;and tens of othere summits which are scattered all around Iran.

alam Kuh