Among significant characteristics of vast land of Iran, which is very important from tourism point of view, is the existence of high mountains, flat plains, desert areas, different rivers and lake which all toghether have caused a unique geographical condition in which, at any time of the year and at each part of it, one of the four seasons is visible. Thus, in winter swimming and water skiing are possible in warm waters of the persian Gulf and the same time, winter sports like skiing are possible in the northern and western mountains of the country, simultaneously enjoying the pleasant spring weather in several cities at the shores of the caspain sea.

The high Alborz Mountains, sealing off the narrow Caspain strip, is covered with luxuriant forests and lush vegetation.

Some parts of the coastline of the Persian Gulf in the south are rocky and mountainous and some parts are sandy and swampy, so are not as monotonous as northern shores of the country . The southern provinces of Iran , especially Khuzestan which encompass some parts of vast Mesopotamia (between two rivers) plain, are very flat and level with low altitude. If a tourist walks in the northern or western mountains of Iran, he/she will be able to see so many eye-catching views and many meadows under his/her feet with amazing landscape.

Mahabad Weast Azarbayjan